Who is Leewan?

Leewan Company is an App Store that offers you with ease of choice and comparison of many products such as ceramics, porcelain, marble, granite, mosaic, travertine, onyx and other products from more than one source and supplier under the supervision of a specialized team.

Leewan Company sells products of natural stone prepared and processed from the main quarries or mountains, ceramics, porcelain or other materials that are manufactured from a range of colors and sizes with a good taste from more.

Stone is a natural product that is subject to variety in size, color, veins and texture. This variety makes the natural stone unique. All samples are provided by the manufacturer aims to give the image, properties and a certain type of stone, but it are exposed to changes due to being a natural stone. Therefore the product is not guaranteed to match the sample and there might be a slight difference.

Leewan Company offers a large group of products in different sizes and colors, marble, natural granite and exterior stone in various sizes (slabs, 60×60, 30×60, 40X 80). It also offers ceramic, porcelain and mosaic in various sizes (30×30, 60×60, 120x 120, 30×60 and many other sizes).

We have a large group of the best types of natural stones, exterior and interior, in various colors and sizes from more than one supplier globally (limestone and travertine).

We also have high-quality installation services, along with marble floor polishing, marble and exterior stone restoration under the supervision of highly qualified team.

We have the capability of providing services of cutting, polishing and shaping for all types of marble and natural stone, as well as cutting the marble slabs in specific way for the requested area to avoid stone waste.

The best types of exterior stone from Turkey, Palestine and Lebanon, with minimum delivery time inside Kuwait, once specifying the quantity and size.

Leewan Company
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