Tiling Tips

Tiling Tips

Differences between Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Kuwaiti, or other ceramics

There is no difference except in its specifications, due to being passed the tests of laboratory and though sight, so it is will be considered a high-quality ceramic regardless of its source or its brand. However, if it fails in the above mentioned tests, even if holding an international ISO certificate, it will be considered a lower-quality ceramic.

Test through sight

If you look at the tiles from a very close distance and under strong lighting, you should not notice any scratch, impurities or curves.

Differences between first and second sorting

You simply can differentiate between them. Open the box and put the ceramic tiles next to each other, if you find a difference in the color of the slab even a slight deference, so it is a second sorting or less. Or put a ceramic tile above another one and move the upper one in a rotational motion, if it moves, it is a second sorting if not, it is a first sorting. As it moves due to the curves and not being flat. You can notice the curve by eyes if you touch the tiles and look at it from below. Put four ceramic tiles next to each other, and notice the difference between them in length and width, if there is a slight difference. So it is a second sorting or less.

The difference between ceramic and porcelain

Ceramic is characterized by its beautiful shapes and the ability to be formed according to requests, in addition to being available in multiple colors. While, porcelain can be available in one shape and color. Ceramics are characterized by being easy to use and applicable in all places chosen by the engineer, while porcelain is used in specific areas of the home. Ceramics are a much easier to be broken and scratched than porcelain, therefore it should be dealt with and cleaned with care. Porcelain differs from ceramics in being resistant to heat, and prevents heat from entering to the room. Porcelain is also differed from ceramics in its ability to stand up to heavy weights and not to be scratched or broken unlike ceramic.

Installation follow up procedures

Ceramic installation is an important process that you should not overlook or leave to the ceramic installation technician without supervision. Flooring is the most important factor which gives an aesthetic look to room and to the home in general. Therefore you should supervise its implementation step by step in order to ensure a precise alignment of ceramic tiles and installation of joints in a satisfactory manner.
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